James Boag

What we were asked for

In a world littered with sameness Steve Thomas and Guy Taylor were asked to come up with the strategy to launch a new Premium Beer – James Boag’s Premium – into a swiftly changing beverage market.

The brief specified that the strategy needed to focus on the benefits of the beer and its origins – clean water, pure air etc.

Our differentiated solution

In the 90’s James Boag was a small regional brewer known locally in Northern Tasmania.

The cultural strategy we developed for James Boag’s Premium underwrote the brand advertising campaign and changed the face of beer marketing.

In a new age of equality and recognition the strategy flipped industry conventions, fired up the cultural aspirations of a new generation of premium beer consumers and built a $300 million business.

Ongoing results

James Boag was purchased in 2000 by San Miguel for $92 million. It sold to Lion Nathan for $325 million seven years later. James Boag’s Premium is one of Australia’s most recognised and successful premium beers.

James Boag