Tasmanian Government

What we were asked for

Tourism Tasmania had spent years following industry conventions, marketing the state’s features and benefits. But visitation was plummeting and the industry was disengaged.

We were asked to evolve the brand to reflect the desires of the twenty-first century traveller and provide a platform and tool kit that would increase visitation and differentiate the island from competitors with much deeper pockets.

Our differentiated solution

We understood that mining insights to inform consumer behaviour was all the rage. But whilst we recognised some value in these approaches we discovered through research that they were increasingly delivering generic results, particularly for destination brands.

Similar segmentation models targeting roughly the same people with largely interchangeable offerings – Sunsets and sunrises, demographically appropriate couples, food and wine, native animals.

In this environment and with the second lowest tourism marketing spend in Australia the challenge for Tasmania was significant.

We designed a suite of rapid prototyping tools that we used to engage the Industry across the state, tapping their unique insights whilst providing learning on the destination brand and its differentiation.

Those insights formed the nucleus of a brand ecosystem that established tourism in Tasmania as both good and different from any other state in Australia.

Ongoing results


Inbound visitation was at -1%

Tasmania went from -1% inbound visitation to +20% in the year following the launch of the evolved brand. It has been in double digit growth since moving from a features and benefits model to a cultural model.

Tasmanian Government