Wine Tasmania

What we were asked for

Wine Tasmania asked for a strategy for the peak body that would help create a unity of purpose across the wine industry.

Wine Tasmania wanted the brand to dovetail with recent Tourism work, resonate with the culture of the place and appeal to the growers themselves.

Importantly, there was a need to premiumise the Tasmanian Wine Brand.

Our differentiated solution

Working with a small budget we engaged directly with the growers and makers in a series of differentiation workshops that helped define the uniqueness of the Tasmanian Wine industry.

We then designed the results into a information guide that provided a narrative, and tools for a time poor industry looking to maximise their engagement in a consistant and creative fashion.

A ‘time-poor’ thermometer was developed to give individual growers instant access to the most appropriate social tools dependant on their available time.

Ongoing results

In the domestic market the average value of a bottle of Tasmanian wine is $22.44. The average value of a bottle of mainland Australian wine is $8.13. In the international market the average value of Tasmanian wine is $14.35/litre. Mainland Australian wine is $5.63/litre.

Wine Tasmania